Karolin Schwab’s works act as a mediator between the inner mind and outer world

Dilpreet Bhullar, stir world, April 21, 2021
Berlin-based artist Karolin Schwab creates immersive installations to let the audience experience a slight shift in nature in order to underline the harmony between the two.
The frequency with which idea of preserving harmony in nature is promulgated, remains a consistent exercise for searching balance in life. Easier said than done, the moment of oneness stated in a single breath is a step away from the act of its experience. Berlin-based sculptor, Karolin Schwab, with the minimalistic approach creates on-site installations to let the viewers engage with the environment, subtly yet firmly. Acting as a conduit between the spaces - whether landscape or white-cube - the geometrical-shaped works by Schwab allows her viewers to acquaint themselves with their inner self. The circular form of installation, recurrently used by the artist, could be metaphorically translated as a magnifying lens, which “allows the viewer to look far out in order to find a part of their inner self”.