Hamburg - "Márta Kucsora" - an energetic experience at Galerie Melbye-Konan

Michaela Schabel, Schabel Kultur-Blog
The driving force behind Márta Kucsora's energetic work was originally nature. Even in the early years of her career she painted very powerful pictures. Unconventional splashes of colour transformed flowing water and crashing waves into microscopic floral images. Worlds of things merged. By gradually breaking away from existing forms and allowing random painting processes through material experiments and intense movement structures, she created poetic abstractions of enormous tactility and radiance, rooted in the American Abstract Expressionism of Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.
Márta Kucsora acknowledges the enduring importance of the pictorial canon. "I believe in the change of meaning associated with the earlier development, in the symbolic value of gestures and in the visionary aspects of abstract art in general. My work reflects the processes of nature. The random aspects of our environment. My canvases evoke liberating energies, the vitalising potentials of the ordinary environment". (2020)
Márta Kucsora's works reflect her complex exploration of human existence embedded in cosmological structures. She does not only analyse the physical and chemical properties of colours. She also experiments with new colour formulas, with liquid paint and high-gloss lacquers. She intensifies the application of paint with a spray gun, which is why she always wears a gas mask when working.
Despite her very quick and spontaneous working technique, she spends up to two years on a single work. Bright colours and strong linear structures create haptic energy fields whose intensity of movement literally immerses the viewer, who begins to feel the latent cosmic power of nature behind the abstractions.
The preview was attended by major collectors such as Harald Falckenberg and Ramin Salsali, as well as art experts Leonie Grainger (Head of Post-War and Contemporary Art at Bonhams in London), Dr Katharina zu Sayn-Wittgenstein (Director of the Dorotheum) and artist Márta Kucsora. The exhibition has already attracted the attention of art professionals and collectors alike.
Márta Kucsora, born in 1979 in Szeged, Hungary, studied painting at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest and at Montclair State University in New Jersey. She lives and works in Budapest. In 2004 she was awarded the Jenö Barcsay Prize. Early in her career, at the age of 27, she exhibited in important venues such as the Ernst Museum in Budapest. Since then her paintings have been shown internationally, mainly in Europe and the USA. Her works can be found in various collections.
The exhibition "Márta Kocsora" can be seen at the Melbye-Konan Gallery in Hamburg until 30th June.