Contemporary African art: auctions intensify

Sylvie Rantrua, Le Point Afrique, February 6, 2023

...A new artist is also arousing curiosity and excitement, Yannick Ackah, supported by the Melbye Konan gallery in Hamburg. At Bohams, during the May and November auctions, two paintings, made by the artist in 2022, were offered. The first went for 11,000 euros, the second for 57,000 euros. Meanwhile, there was the Berlin Art Fair, where the Melbye-Konan gallery, which presented Yannick Ackah, sold out at the beginning of the event. "He's a very smart artist, very well looked after by the gallery. Galleries have a big impact on the artist's work, production and quality, making choices, because not everything is good in the creative production process. For this artist, the waiting list is impressive. The demand is greater than the supply", comments Julie Mathon...