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Hamburger Abendblatt, October 22, 2022
Melbye-Konan Gallery is dedicated to contemporary African art. In her current exhibition, owner Stella Melbye-Konan shows Yannick Ackah, the superstar from the Ivory Coast. The magazines "Vogue" and "Monopol" were already full of praise for the artist, who was born in 1992. At first glance, his painting seems to be entirely rooted in African culture with its traditional motifs. Only on closer inspection are his colorful collages of paper, newspaper and magazine articles testimonies to everyday life and references to pop culture. "La Poésie d' existence" shows current works by the internationally successful artist on 400 square meters of space at the new location on Mittelweg. vfe
"La Poésie d' existence" through Nov. 20, Melbye-Konan Gallery (Bus 19 Fontenay), Mittelweg 169, appointments by appointment, free admission,