ARTNET, June 16, 2021
Short profile - Gallery Melbye-Konan
Gallery Melbye-Konan was launched in September 2020 in the centre of Hamburg with the aim of representing contemporary African artists and artists with a connection to Africa. The gallery's catalogue includes established and emerging artists. The artists represented by the gallery are characterised by an exceptional artistic skill, through which they innovatively and skillfully engage with the geographical, social and political context in their works. 
The interest for contemporary African art has been increasing in recent years and a new generation of artists from the continent has become an integral element in the global art scene. There are more and more "blockbuster" exhibitions featuring contemporary artists from Africa and selective acquisitions by renowned museums and collections. Nevertheless, African artists are still strongly underrepresented on the international art market - a situation the gallery wants to change. 
The gallery also exhibits at international art fairs, collaborates with museums and institutions for curatorial projects and advises international collectors on the acquisition of works.