Aufatmen : Barlach Halle K

7 - 11 December 2022
The Landesverband Hamburger Galerien e.V. continues its exhibition series AUFBRECHEN (2019) and AUFMERKEN (2021) and presents a comprehensive insight into Hamburg's gallery scene with its third exhibition AUFATMEN. After years of pandemic, the state association wants to show the attitude with which artists have worked over the past three years. The exhibition offers a retrospective and a snapshot at the same time.
Humans need togetherness like the air we breathe. Can we breathe again? This is the question the exhibition seeks to answer.
43 Hamburg galleries have submitted works that reflect questions and attitudes on the subject. The different approaches in the studios demonstrate a serious engagement with the contemporary problems of our time and show perspectives for the future. Even an invisible bond across the studios becomes perceptible. 
The exhibition was sponsored by the Kulturbehörde. Galerie Melbye-Konan is pleased to contribute a work by Yannick Ackah to this collaborative show.