Artist Belén (1997, born in Hamburg, Germany) is currently studying at the Royal College of Arts and therefore based in London. The Royal College of Art has been named the world's leading art and design university by the QS World University Rankings and is one of the top art schools in the world. Alumni include Henry Moore, David Hockney and Tracey Emin.


Technically inspired by the abstract expressionists Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko as well as by the contemporary artist Gerhard Richter, Belén creates engagingly diverse colour compositions, which bear witness to colour dripping, structuring and blurring. Special is her treatment of the canvases from the back and front, creating subdivisions that make them appear like testimonies to the science of cartography.


With her all-over paintings, she leads viewers into experiential spaces, causing them to project memories and profound emotions onto the canvas, in which even figurative impressions seem to arise. Through a process of self-reflection, what is normally only visible to the mind is made visible to the physical eye. The emergence of the works resembles a process of genesis, which creates a transcendent level. In this process, those impressions of nature, of becoming and new becoming, of the infinity, of the continuous cycle, arise. The consciousness is offered a sinking into the play of colours of time on a map of emotions.


"In order to reach self-awareness you need to look behind the façade of your own mind, emotions and modes of thoughts. The play of front and back in my paintings is a stylistic device to show that it is worth taking a look behind one's own façade." (Belén, 2022)


She had her debut in 2020 at the Melbye-Konan Gallery. Furthermore, one of her works was selected to be presented at the Institut Français (Hamburg) on its 70th anniversary in Germany.